Monday, May 13, 2013

Have I said lately??

For me, one thing I have had to deal with over the years with Ryan is his attachment to things.  To this day he has toys that he has had from when he was literally a toddler.  So him parting with things does not come easily, if ever.  So you can imagine my surprise when he sold some of his old video games this past weekend so that he could take me to lunch for Mother's Day.  I was very surprised and it touched me more than any words could say.  On top of that, he painted me a picture!  It's a leaf.  I asked him what made him paint me a leaf.  He said he had been wanting to paint a leaf, and thought that was a good picture to paint me.  I had been offered a position back with my old firm, and thought maybe there was something symbolic in the leaf, as in turning over a new leaf and starting over.  I asked him about that and she said he had not thought of that, but it makes sense.  So we decided the painting of the leaf is about new beginning....starting over.  Have I said lately that I love my boy?  Because, I do.  I don't look at this past weekend as him showering me with things.  This is progress in our world, and I am smiling folks!  Life is good!


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