Thursday, May 2, 2013

Passing stones!

Ryan had another kidney stone on the move.......Ugh.....  We ended up in the ER on Monday for most of the day, and then the evening was spent with Ryan conitnually vomiting.  At one point I found myself on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom because he totally missed the toilet.  I never thought I would do well as a nurse or anything like that, but motherhood proves you can do a lot of things you thought you couldn't do!

So this week has been one of turmoil.....  Ryan FINALLY passed that kidney stone this afternoon.  Thank God!  He knew exactly when it passed, told me he passed it, and wasn't able to catch it.  I am just glad that one is gone.  Per the doctor in the ER, he still has multiple stones in both kidneys.  Yayyy........we were kind of hoping with all he had passed this past year, that maybe, just maybe he wouldn't have that many if any left.  Oh well...

I am hoping that things will calm down in this house where I can put two thoughts together to write.  I love sharing our stories.  It helps me and I am hoping it helps others.


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