Sunday, May 12, 2013

I am Ryan's Mom

I remember going to school functions when Ryan was little and the other children calling me "Ryan's Mom."  This continued through high school.....  I remember when I dropped him off at his high school to go on his senior grad bash trip to Universal Studios.  Being a nervous and protective mom, I had gone over the whole drug and alcohol talk multiple times with him.  So when I dropped him off he asked me to wait just a minute.  He came over to my car with quite the motley crue of young people.  There were a colorful mix of kids with tattoos, dreads, etc.  They all greeted me with, hey Ryan's Mom!  One little girl said, Ryan's Mom, you don't have to worry about us using drugs or alcohol....  We can have fun without all of that stuff (and they did).  It was at this moment that I fully realized that since giving birth to my amazing son, my identity was no longer mine.  I was and will forever remain, "Ryan's Mom."

Mother's Day to me is just another day.....  I am Ryan's mom everyday.  I may or may not get a card or gift.  I may or may not be taken out for a special meal.  But, I know that everyday I have this unique being in my life that I am blessed far beyond my expectations.  He is my inspiration...he is my teacher....he is my purpose in life. 

On this day......  Mother's Day......  The day designated to honor mothers, I pay tribute to my Ryan......  Because without him I would not be a mother.  Because of him, I am "Ryan's Mom."

Happy Mother's Day!!


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