Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And you think your life has quirks ;-)

Remember the "walking" shoes I referenced in a couple of past blogs?  Well, that is just one of many quirks Ryan has.

Years ago my baby brother came by to mow our yard.  He brought with him a big pink plastic cup with iced tea in it.  He forgot the cup when he left and I washed it and had it ready to give to him when he came back over, or we went over to his house.  I called to let my sister inlaw that I had the cup, and she said it was no big deal.  Shortly thereafter, Ryan adopted this big pink plastic cup.  And, for years now he has used that same cup!  I wash it over and over again.  The cup understandably became Ryan's cup.  One day my sister inlaw called and said that Walmart had those kinds of cups in red, white and blue on clearance.  She said that since Ryan liked them so much, we would have backups.  Well wouldn't you know, Ryan would not hear of it.  He only wants the pink cup.

He also has this thing for using bowls and spoons when he eats.  If we are out at a restaurant, he is fine.  But if we go to my parent's house when they are here in FL, he wants to use a bowl if possible.  I have noticed recently though, he is using forks more.  That is progress.....

Then a couple weeks ago Ryan and I were going through some of his old clothes that he had outgrown or just didn't wear.  When we moved to the closet and pulled out t-shirts, I couldn't believe how many new looking shirts were there.  A couple even had tags still on them.  So I started pulling them out and asking if he would wear this or that.  He would respond with yes or no.  One t-shirt I pulled out was really nice.  He said, NO.  I asked him why he wouldn't wear it and he said, it has a pocket on it.  Needless to say, all of the pocket t's went into the bag to give to my nephew.

The experiences with Ryan are very quirky, but full of good will......  Lots of grrrr'ing and lots of laughter.  An experience everyone should have once in their lifetime.  As for us.......it is our life. ;-)


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