Friday, April 26, 2013

Keeping things in check....

I try to keep things as light as possible when it comes to Ryan's doctor's appointments.  If I don't, he feeds off of my energy, and that can spell disaster.  With that said.....  Ryan had his kidney CT scan this morning.  When had called to schedule the scan, the snotty little girl in the scheduling office told me there were only two kinds of CT scans on the kidneys.  One required the IV, and the other required the patient to drink stuff before coming in for the test.  Well, Ryan's Urologist had told us he just wanted a basic CT scan of Ryan's kidneys since Ryan was not having pain, and did not believe that there was blockage anywhere.  Needless to say, this little girl.......and I say that because she didn't sound like she was a day over 18.....and I went back and forth until I finally gave in and said, okay - whatever!

Fast forward to two days ago.  I got a call about an interview.  It was close to home and the only time they had available was an hour and a half after Ryan's test was to begin.  I called the radiology place to see if I could find out how long Ryan would be in testing.  I was told a total of one hour.  This including coming and being checked in early.  So this morning we go in EARLY.......get his paperwork completed, and sit there for a 1/2 hour.  Finally, I asked them when Ryan would be taken in for his test because we had other appointments.  The lady said, I'm not sure.  Naturally I went into panic mode, and then I told Ryan that he may have to sit there for a few minutes if I had to leave and come back.  He said okay and hung his head.  These kind of things break my heart.  They finally came out and got him, and I texted my brother thinking if I had to leave that maybe he could run over and pick Ryan up.  Well before he could answer, Ryan was out.  It was a matter of about 10 minutes being back there and he was out again.  He said, they didn't have to do the IV so it didn't take as long.  He said when the techician asked him about it, he told her that the doctor said he didn't need the IV because he wasn't in the middle of passing a kidney stone.  She then called the doctor's office and they confirmed what Ryan told them, and I had told the little girl scheduling.

In a matter of the time of that appointment our whole day was upset.....Ugh......  There are times when I feel I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't when it comes to explaining things to Ryan.  Because he doesn't process things the way most people do.  Now we are winding down.  He helped me make dinner and he his watching some animal show on tv....they are his favorites; animals and sea life.  We weathered this storm, and all seems good now.  I was proud of him going in there and letting the technician know what the doctor said. :-)


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